I Mean, Carpe Denim, Right?

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A co-worker expects a free dinner after an operation from two weeks ago | Are getting dinner today? M isn't so 's just and Not today brought mine cos skint til Friday haha Fuck sake am supposed do then don't know, perhaps go get dinner by yourself?

Co-Worker Expects Free Dinner Two Weeks After Operation

Oh, come on now.
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Just a Regular Day at the Office

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The Modern Work Dilemma in a Nutshell

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Suspicious URLs at the Office

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Lady Responds to Strict Office Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes

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Define "Fun"

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He's Got a Power(ful)Point

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Whole office pesters Karen for throwing away expensive cake | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/NFkappaBalpha 1 day ago need check all our food? Fine. oc L So this happened like 7 or 8 years ago jobbing at driving service while student driving service one people with disabilities could not drive ot walk on their own. Our main office building housing/working facility disabled people two companies (our drivers service and housing facility) were loosely connected as they were both financdd by same

Karen Throws Away Expensive Cake, Office Fights Back

Things didn't have to escalate so fast.
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office memes

A Design Writer Takes on Those 'Hip' Tech Startup Theme Offices and It's Hilarious

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Power(Point) Through These Puns

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Employee maliciously complies with free donut day and bully coworkers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grillbuster5 11 hours ago is MY day buy donuts entire office as new person Well OK oc M As new person" at my job told multiple times expected provide donuts entire office. Normally s not big deal but two people particular were rude and relentless about donuts all week. Others joined also. Apparently, these people recently extorted two boxes Krispy Kremes someone else.

New Employee is Not Having Free Donut Day

Line in the sand.
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Cocky Office Worker Refutes His Office's Energy Poster Using Mad Math Skills

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There is No Pit in Hell Deep Enough for a Prank Like This

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This Joke Encountered an Unexpected Error and Needs to Shut Down

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You Only Work Once

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