Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Spoiler FAIL

books facepalm magazine Movie Spoiler Alert twilight - 5410573056
By melindee

Tragedy: Totally Worth it for the Film

disaster facepalm Movie titanic - 5295777024
By Unknown

If the Titanic Had Wi-Fi

failbook Movie movies parody titanic - 6251182848
Via Pwnicorn


Movie - 4840916992
By Unknown

Not Fake and Gay

gay Movie movies pr0n - 6500009216
By Envinite

Maybe Men in Black Will Be About Men Who ARE Black

Movie racism will smith youtube youtube comment - 6137262336
By Unknown

Who Says He Didn't?

brad pitt adoption Movie - 8456584192
By Froggalicious

Spoiler: The Faceboat Sinks at the End

Mark Zuckerberg Movie parody titanic - 6288085504
By R0lemodel


comments Movie not sure if trolling The Hobbit trailers trololo youtube - 5595463680
By Unknown


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By Unknown

Magic Vibe

fap magic mike Movie movies vibrator - 6414018816
By Unknown
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It's an Easy Mistake to Make

iron man Movie - 5666523904
By FireFingers

The One Who Should Have Been Sucked Up the Chocolate-Sucking Pipe

Featured Fail Movie movies Willy Wonka - 6233654528
By Unknown

Where'd We Get This Timeline? I Don't Know. We Found It.

monty python Movie movies timeline - 6132534528
Via Reddit

Everyone Should Speak American

British Movie - 6334983424
By therealdjownz
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