twitter list Memes election Maps - 1032965

Twitter Has an Electoral Map for Every Occasion

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You Complete Me!

google maps lost Maps - 6358881024
Created by Goldsilvern

You're a Regular Explorer!

directions driving Maps - 7592447488
Created by Niklaus

Now You're Going to Tell Me Hawaii Isn't Just Off the Coast of California

usa alaska facepalm geography Maps - 8346656000
Created by haliannbby

Close Enough!

Memes ancient greece Maps failbook - 7892550656
Created by Unknown
twitter Maps - 913669

This Twitter Bot Will Create a New Fantasy World Every Hour

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They Just Wandered Aimlessly

google maps Maps failbook g rated - 7130338304
Created by Unknown

They Used MapQuest, Duh

google google maps map Maps - 6369197312
Created by Unknown

They Just Marched Off in a Random Direction and Hoped for the Best

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Created by Unknown

False, Apple Maps Never Helped Anyone

facepalm spelling Maps iphone - 8322599168
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