One Hour Later...

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This Explains a Lot

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Yeah, Everybody, Stop Complaining...

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But...You Just...

Hypocrisy - 7932791040
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Not Actually Having Kids FAIL

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So Pathetic

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America: It's Only Okay When I Do It

fireworks fourth of july Hypocrisy independence day phone pictures - 6398189312
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Hypocrisy, Part 343

Hypocrisy irony jersey shore - 5923376384
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Waiting for One Girl to Prove They Aren't All Insane

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How Could My Multiple Partners do That??

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What Kind of Person Could do Such a Thing?

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I Hate it When: Profile Pics

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If Only There Was Some Sort of Solution to Your Problem...

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Hypocrisy, Part 343

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Take it From Him, He Knows Better Than Anyone

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Having it Both Ways

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