They'll Get You Every Time!

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By AlyRuth

Another Reason to Never Friend Your Grandparents on Facebook

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No, Grandpa, No

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Grandpa Knows What He Likes

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Grandpa's a Playa, Yo!

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Greatest Grandpa Gets His Grandbaby a Giant Teddy Bear and It's As Cute as You Imagine It

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Those Shouldn't Be in the Same Sentence

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21 of our favorite times the Turnt Grandpa Twitter account had hilarious dirty humor.

21 Times "Turnt Grandpa" Dominated Twitter With Hilariously Dirty Humor

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Grandpa Died as He Lived: With a Humongous Schlong

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Sometimes Multiple Statuses Are for the Best

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Priorities, Man...

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Dammit, Grandpa

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Respect Your Elders

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Why Yes, Yes It Can...

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You Mad, Grandpa? Oh, He Mad All Right...

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