A collection of the dumbest ideas that people had during the middle of stressful situations. | Wrackrackes 23h 7 Awards My dinner oven caught on fire, instead attempting put out fire took picture and texted my mom advice 39 years old.

Dumbest Ideas People Had In The Middle Of A Crisis

We've all been there at one point or another.
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sports FAIL nfl reactions football Video - 1681413

Watch Washington's John Ross Break a 40-Yard Combine Record With Blistering Speed, and Sobering Gusto

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twitter FAIL reactions math - 1219589

People on Twitter Reveal They Can't Math After Someone Tweeted About Tiling a Floor with 13,000 Pennies

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Ad van that says it's strong and stable ends up being blown over by the wind on the highway.

"Strong and Stable" Tory Ad Van Blows Over on Highway and People Can't Handle It

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We Hope This Means You Won't Keep Naively Posting Them

FAIL the onion facebook animals - 8761669888
By ekarl2
twitter FAIL - 1552133

Sarah Silverman Catches Some Nazi's

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You'll Never See These Starbucks Polar Bear Cookies the Same Again

funny fail image you can't unsee Starbucks Polar Bear cookies with slit throats
Via fugaziozbourne
scotland twitter memes

30 of the Most Hilarious and Iconic Scottish Tweets of 2016

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Curse You, Bing!

bing FAIL translate touché - 7825181440
By Unknown

The State of Canada?

Canada FAIL geography polls - 4671492608
By Unknown
A petty revenge tale about a driver that got their comeuppance. | r/pettyrevenge u/-avenged 7h Join 1 3 1 1 So not hurry? Okay then guess don't need overtake, right bit context right-hand drive country, rightmost lane on freeway is fast/overtaking lane and give way faster vehicles regardless fast they're going, even if at speed limit. Basically have no right police anyone's speed as civilian.

Driver Teaches Road Rager A lesson In Petty Revenge

Now that's just beautiful work.
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A musician expects a drummer to play for free, and then the drummer sets them straight | Hey bro, saw play at with gig are amazing bro! 18:23 Hey appreciate man. Glad had good time!

Choosing Beggar Expects Drummer To Play For Free, Drummer Sets Them Straight

Guy must be a delight to play music with.
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Like, Is It Orange?

twitter FAIL cnn donald trump - 8812572416
Via hilariouspixies

Social Media Fail of the Day: New England Patriots Thank Racist Twitter User

twitter FAIL football - 8377673984
Via USA Today


FAIL funeral iphone news Protest steve jobs technology twitter Twitter Troubles via Westboro Baptist Church - 5281220864
By Baigs (Via

Girl Points the Irony of Sexism on the Internet With a Picture of Some Headphones

sexism twitter FAIL - 8971144960
Via catttttt___
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