That's Not Exactly How You Haggle

FAIL windows - 7838027008
Created by rkrowland
FAIL soccer fish funny Video - 141062

Massive Inflatable Fish Attacks Guy During Half-Time Show, To The Tune of 'Eat It'

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This 'Who to Follow' Recommendation is a Huuuuge Mistake

funny fail tweet Twitter recommends Rosie ODonnell follow Donald Trump
Via @Rosie
humor FAIL video games funny - 1236997

30 Times People Outdid Themselves With the Crude Humor on Club Penguin

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Found October 26th, 2013...

FAIL amy winehouse spam - 7871502336
Created by chicnjoy
FAIL marathon boston - 1981957

Adidas Sends Out Epic FAIL of an Email About Boston Marathon and People Are Livid

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Is a Fail FAIL a FAIL?

FAIL - 6508038144
Created by Unknown
Canada twitter sports FAIL Video - 479236

Everyone That Visits Tries to Saskatchewan Before They Leave

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When You Join a Frat Before You Can Walk

beer baby FAIL parenting - 8794821120
Via parentfail
twitter FAIL scared reactions shocked animals - 1166085

Capybara Crippled With Fear Instantly Becomes the Internet's Hilarious, Number One Fascination

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Try Again

LGBT FAIL instagram - 8974439168
Via uma.kompton_
People describe the worst Valentine's Day gifts that they ever received. | wacht 3y Once ordered my girlfriend flowers didn't arrive (or were stolen porch so gave her delivery confirmation instead not as funny as thought would be.

Worst Valentine's Day Gifts People Received

Love is in the air.
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twitter FAIL - 912133

Passengers Live-Tweet as an easyJet Flight Gets Delayed Because Crew Can't Get Along

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Karen mom expects friend to change dog's name | Hello Hey jennay 's at Kolby and Blake's christening. wife met Hi, Yeah remember while ago now are and family?

Pregnant Karen Expects Friend To Change Dog's Name

They should name their next dog after her.
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Collection of people that posted cringe-inducing Facebook statuses that made things very awkward.

25 Facebook Fails That Are So Awkward It's Painful

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Donald Trump Isn't Even a Woman Though...

gender FAIL politics - 8567314688
Created by Unknown
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