christmas twitter FAIL holiday reactions funny - 1239045

Twitter Is a Goldmine Right Now After Someone Discovered Something a Bit Cheeky About McDonald's Festive Cup

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college FAIL drama ridiculous - 983301

Penn State Chick Creates Ridiculous Soap Opera After Printing and Hanging Her Roommate's Subtweets

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christmas gifts FAIL dating - 1272581

Guy Gets His Girlfriend Empty Box for Christmas and the Endearing Conversation That Follows Has Us All Deeply Confused

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An American Horror Story

twitter FAIL - 8821352448
Via @YasBeyonce
twitter FAIL list food - 1003269

People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Jimmy John's Twitter Calling Someone Out For Eating Ass

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That Deal Is Out of this World Tho

twitter FAIL - 8965189376
Via @tomhayes_sd

Thanks, Facebook For Reminding Me Of Those Dark Times

FAIL memories facebook - 8753981696
Created by ThePathsWalker
A collection of the dumbest things that people said in all seriousness. | AngryOrca1 There is no proof earth is round Reply

Dumbest Things People Have Said In All Seriousness

Oh, man, buckle up.
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President Obama Interrupted the End of The Price is Right to Televise a Speech, and POTUS Payed a Price on Twitter

social media fail POTUS interrupts ending of Price is Right and pays a price on Twitter
Via Twitter
Man takes a nuclear revenge on a Karen landlord | r/ProRevenge Join u/hasad802 Refuse pay $60 fix my roof; okay close building site down and cost hundreds thousands dollars! Names, places and timeframes have been changed as per rules. Characters this story: My friend (Who will call Brian Bullying demolition man will call Keith, greedy property developer will call Karen and insurance assessor

Man Takes Nuclear Revenge On Karen Landlord

Karen had it coming.
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Who Needs IT Help When You Know the Internets This Well?

FAIL technology facebook - 8564577280
Created by McPunchton
A collection of images showing people struggle through life.

18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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A terrible boss ends up losing their profits after selling company | r/ProRevenge u/eliechallita 3y Join Cost horrible boss all profits selling his company met an amazing mentor while doing my masters US who hired work company where he COO after graduated an immigrant US, so my visa is conditioned upon being employed: get red, and would quickly get deported back Middle East CEO company planning on selling company much larger British firm, so he wanted maximize revenue short term so he could get

Horrible Boss Loses Profits From Selling Company

Terrible boss learned their lesson the hard way.
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Don't Cheat On a Med Student (Who is Also Capable of Being Horrible)

relationship fail med student's mean revenge for cheating girlfriend
Via medschoolmarvel

Get Off of Facebook and Get Help

FAIL shaving - 4716392704
Created by Unknown
twitter FAIL donald trump election 2016 election funny politics - 1386501

Donald Trump Accidentally Tweets at the Wrong Ivanka Trump, Ends Up Inviting Hilarious String of Responses From Her and Band of Twitter Trolls

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