Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

Chemistry exams - 7100612608
Created by lynx72

Wrong Molecule, Friend

Chemistry oxygen - 7906622464
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You Sure About That?

elements Chemistry - 7846393600
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Pun With Chemistry!

Chemistry I see what you did there puns science - 5222457600
Created by Tim Parrington

He's No Einsteinium

Chemistry nerd over-hisher-head puns - 4987374080
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Chemistry Zinc-ers!

Chemistry puns science win - 4427358464
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At Least They've Got Chemistry

Chemistry elements school tumblr win - 5472202752
Created by duhdoydit

Are Moronic

Chemistry - 6702832640
Created by Apriola

That's Pretty Non Bro-lar Covalent of Them

bros atoms Chemistry - 6763308288
Created by Unknown

Family of Nerds

Chemistry family nerds puns win - 5021014528
Created by Emsterbem

It Could Happen...

breaking bad walter white Chemistry failbook g rated - 6948532736
Created by 19Zoey88


atoms Chemistry oh snap - 3103505408
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Just Stay Away From the Bleach

Chemistry stupid The Spelling Wizard your friends are laughing at you - 4398939648
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forever alone elements Chemistry - 6704773632
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Don't Worry About the Chemistry or Deadly Gases or Anything Like That

Via xbignoobx

I Don't Get It Either

class textbooks school Chemistry funny failbook - 7447686400
Created by Unknown
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