Engineering Students

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There's an App for That Burn

android pope ios 6 apple App failbook g rated - 6880771584
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Odsblood! My Rump Requireth Relief!

App iphone siri - 6565641472
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What a Good-Looking RB!

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Created by Dcarter

Nightmare App of the Day: Peeple Will Allow Everyone to Review Everyone Like Amazon Products — This Should End Well

Peeple lets you treat everyone else like Yelp restaurants. How fun!
Via Peeple

Dating of the Day: Oscar Mayer Released a Tinder-Like App For People Who Love Bacon

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Via Oscar Mayer
App Movie timeline Video - 33121281


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Remarkably "App"t

App technology - 4532980224
Created by Alex

Old People Who Take Facebook Too Seriously

App old old people roses - 6283410176
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Not Just a Spammer, But a Lying Spammer

App chat games request spam - 6439259136

His Preferred Social Network

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App Death Video - 31801089

What To Do On Facebook When You're Dead

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It's a Really Obscure App, You Probably Haven't Heard of It

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Created by objober