Dating Fails


Only A Headshot Can Stop Our Love

dating Hall of Fame Valentines day zombie - 5838429440
By Unknown

They Locked Her Away In A Tower For A Reason

comic disney Sleeping Beauty true love zombie - 5706805760
Via Shira-Chan

That's So Precious I Might Just Eat Some Brains

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Via Etsy

Our Cannibalism Was Special!

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By Unknown
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Love Life of the Dead

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Zombie and the Tramp

gifs gross lady and the tramp We Are Dating zombie - 5382617344

I Just Want to Slowly Shuffle After You Chanting Your Name Slowly

brains We Are Dating zombie - 5186669056
By maxystone

Zombies Just GET It, You Know?

brains fail nation Hall of Fame zombie - 5911464192
By Unknown

Zombies Need Love Too

zombie - 6414606080
By Unknown

ISO Brrraaaainnnsss

Cute and funny advertisement by a disabled girl who says she is a zombie looking for someone who has brains.
By Valve00

Some Ladies Are Into This

bad idea movies funny zombie - 8053672448
By Unknown

Women Want Men That Respect Them

men relationships brain funny women halloween zombie dating - 8348948992
Via Jim Benton

Such Simple Minded Beings

zombie - 7815892224
By Derp-a-derp

The Saddest, Loneliest Zombie Photobomb

forever alone photobomb zombie funny - 7629252864
By Unknown

You Were Meant For Each Other!

zombie - 6529922304
Via Speed Bump

Zombie Rights Now

dead Hall of Fame necrophilia zombie - 5383092736
By Unknown
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