Dating Fails

wrong number

Sorry, you've got the wrong number. Try again, or maybe just get the right one.

Jill Isn't Open to New Ideas

wrong number texting funny - 7677912064
By Unknown
guy texts about his penis to the wrong number

Dude Gets Himself Ruthlessly Trolled When He Texts Wrong Number to Talk About His Dick

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aww cold feet marriage phone call role play touching We Are Dating wrong number - 30229761

Wrong Number, Or Best Number?

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wrong number cringe

Wrong Number Text Throws Guy In Middle Of Epic Cheating Drama

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Your Princess Is In This Castle

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But His Mind Is Elsewhere

wrong number wtf text funny dating - 8208889344
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Guy gets wrong number text from an angry wife who won't believe that he's not her husband.

Guy Trolls Wrong Number Text From An Enraged Wife Who Refuses to Believe He's Not Her Husband

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Can't Blame a Man For Trying

trying wrong number - 6277079808
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Always Check the Number

wrong number texting funny - 8153441280
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I'd Like a Large Pizza With BROKEN (Artichoke) HEARTS

comic pizza hut rage comic rejection We Are Dating wrong number - 5125322496
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Isn't it Nice to Get a Free Compliment?

wrong number texting online dating funny - 7852912128
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guy trolls men who think they're texting a woman

Girl Keeps Giving This Poor Guy's Number Out to Thirsty Dudes, But He's Handling the Situation Beautifully

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Every Damn Time

wrong number wtf funny g rated dating - 8150717952
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The Moment of Horror After Hitting the Send Button.

wrong number cheating - 6659473664
By Marc Bothamley

I Have the Weirdest Boner Right Now

wrong number bro is a scary dude
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funny dating fails

Dude Texts Wrong Number Thinking It's a Girl, Finds Out It's a Guy, Proceeds With Lusty Persistence Anyways

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