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Heart Warmer of the Day: Disney-Princess-Themed Engagement Shoot Encourages All to Create Your Own Fairy Tales

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Guy Buys 99 iPhones to Propose to His Girlfriend

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Not a Thing

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Spud the Dog Helps in a Wedding Proposal

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Because One Outstanding Owl Photobomb Wasn't Enough

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This Reception KO Only Gets Better with MMA Announcing

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Videos, screen grabs and twitter posts of a wedding in which an EX showed up and passed out photos of the bridge giving BJs and someone thought it was one of the groomsman and a fight broke out.

Guy Shows up at Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding, Puts Pictures of Her Giving BJs on Every Table, and Chaotic Brawl Ensues

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Why buy a cow when milk is so cheap? Well, why buy a pig for 4 1/2 inches of sausage?

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Bride's family pressures her to give up her wedding venue to her pregnant sister because they claim "she needs it more."

Bride's Family Pressures Her To Give Up Her Wedding Venue Cause Her Pregnant Sister "Needs It More"

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Now That's a Private Wedding

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No One Wants to Go To Your Stupid Wedding

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Can't Wait Until They Add the Vanilla Frosting

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Newly Married Milwaukee Gay Couple Gets a Surprise Gift!

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You Can Sure Tell its Love

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Pathological Liar Bridezilla Tries To Get Married In A Month, Berates Maid Of Honor, Has Terrible Wedding

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Now That's a Shotgun Wedding

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