Dating Fails

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whisper confessions about girlfriends with gamer boyfriends | Top - 10 Ohate having super high sex drive and boyFriend with no sex drive would rather play video games

These Women Are Fed Up With Their Gaming Boyfriends

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marriage awesome proposal video games Super Mario bros win dating - 80370433

Guy Proposes to Girlfriend Using Super Mario Bros. And He Definitely Deserves All the Gold Coins Now

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Have Fun With That

gender comics pac man video games - 7140693760
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Giggity Giggity Gotham

batman bondage Harley Quinn video games - 5738384384
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Someone's Ready for the Super Smash

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funny video games online dating Super Mario bros tinder - 235012

A Solid Metaphor

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You Just Don't GET It Do You?

shoes video games - 6217221120
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It's Essentially the Same Amount of Commitment

dating fails diablo 3 g rated video games - 6226757120
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All is Fair in Love and Impossible Games

video games - 6876087808
By kilimbo

Mostly He Needs a Healer

video games true love dating fails g rated - 7118908416
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Carmelo Sent a Friends With Benefits Request

funny video games make out dating - 8240505600
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Four Times the Power

funny video games PlayStation 4 - 7910223616
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FAIL texting video games dating - 1249285

Guy Chooses Destiny Video Game Over Hanging out with Girlfriend, and Dodges the 'Crazy Bullet' in the Process

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How You Know Your Boyfriend Might Not Be Into You

boyfriend Sexy Ladies booty video games funny dating - 8349988096
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sex FAIL Mortal Kombat video games funny dating - 1323781

Dude Leaves Mortal Kombat-Themed Sex Advice to Neighbors That Keep Bothering Him With Loud Sex

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FAIL pun trolling conversation video games dating - 1770245

Guy Gets Dumped By GF On Group Chat, Proceeds to Get Relentlessly Barraged By Hilarious Video Game Puns

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