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Valentines day

The Most Honest Valentine

sometimes you just need to let people know you're a little gross.
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Tesco Supermarkets are Ready to Get Weird This Valentine's Day

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Nobody Except Forever Aloners Get These

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Make Her Universe This Valentine's Day

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Well Done, Valentine's Card Company, Well Done.

maybe it's a mirror that shows you your true self?
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A Valentines We Can All Relate to

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I'd Assemble Your Monkey Statue

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Who Could Resist

sexy man has bunk beds
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For That Historical Love

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A Valentine's Menu Based on Beyonce

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But You Said!

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That's So Precious I Might Just Eat Some Brains

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13 Cards to Help You Awkwardly Express Your Strange Brand of Love

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For When You Like Them, But Don't Know If You LIKE-Like Them

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How to Have The Best Valentine's Day Ever


Everyone Will Drink Wine, Watch a Romantic Comedy, and Cry

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