Dating Fails


The Female Anatomy to a Novice

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Not Even When I'm Feeling Lucky

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Party in the U.S.A.

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Str8 Gurls Touch a Str8 Gurl's Vagina Because This is What the Internet Wants Now

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This Man is a God among Level 32 Night Elves

Craigslist post that totally dominates whatever basement it came out of.

Post-Coital Thinkings

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Hacking Into Your Love

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Gaze Into My Cave of Wonders

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The Truth Hurts

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Some Prefer Pe(nis)psi

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With Great Vaginal Know-How Comes Great Responsibility

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Into the Wormhole

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I'd Unilaterally Occupy That Territory!

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She's a Mind-Reader

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Mind Blown

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How Does the Man in the Moon Feel About That?

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