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A Rebuttal to All Friend-Zone Complainers

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By hachan (Via Literary Reference)

Your Girlfriend is Worse Than Your Pet

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Via Reddit

It's Technically Not Wrong

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By Unknown

This is Why Our Sex Education is a Failure

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Via I Love Charts

Dating Dispatches: Scientists(?) Find Best Day, Time, Temperature, And Weather For Sexy Times

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Via The Daily Beast

If More People Knew This Fact We Could Change Those Unemployment Numbers

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By Unknown

There's a Subtle Difference, Boys

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Via Please Stop Being Sad

They Don't Waste Time in Kentucky

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Via Full Punch

Just Accept Your Fate With Dignity

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By Unknown

Keep This in Mind, Husbands

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By Unknown

If the Roles Were Reversed...

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By Unknown
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Are You a Human? Been in a Relationship? Take This Test to Find Out.

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Stop Sucking Face, People

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By Unknown

The Reason Men Rent Apartments, Buy Houses, and Build Anything

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By Unknown

Don't Let Anybody Tell You Otherwise!

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By Unknown

Sweet AND Filling!

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By Unknown
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