Dating Fails


Try This on Your Significant Other Sometime!

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Hey There You Beautiful Blue Man

Font - EI Sporty Back More Back Sporty Chat Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Which one are you? Online 2.2 km away 29 years old 182 cm 72 kg White Currently Single 15.54 Tuesday, April 23, 2013 What 19:45 Chat Favorite Portuguese intelligent guy Intelligent and Fit White Caucasian guys apply. American, Canadian, European guys jump to the front of the queue :) Connecting to the server... Block GAME KING VIDEOPOKER PLAY MOBILE Reno
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Woman that showed quick wit when the guy started to be all creepy on them

Quick Witted Girl Mercilessly Teases Thirsty Creep

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A Simple Request Turns Awkward With a Call from an "Ex"

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tinder prank

Clever Girl Baits and Hooks Tinder Match On Believing Her Brother Was Taken Hostage By Using ‘Finding Nemo’ Plot

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Make Guys Call Hot Girls

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Idiotic guy trolls his own "Wanted" ad on Facebook and ends up getting rightful serving of instant karma.

Criminally Idiotic Criminal Mocks His Own "Wanted" Ad On Facebook

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Nathan Fielder's Latest Prank Just Ended Countless Relationships

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dating troll

This Girl Sent Her Boyfriend out to Buy Makeup and Immediately Regretted It

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When a Dude is So Desperate He'll Buy Even a "Land Water Polo Team" Excuse

desperate dude believes land water polo excuse
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It Takes a Bit of Setup to Troll Like This

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They Always Say To Date Your Best Friend

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Part of Sex Ed When You Go to Catholic School?

image church trolling Part of Sex Ed When You Go to Catholic School?
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FAIL trolling girlfriend prank dating - 85206017

Sit Back and Buckle Up For This Dude's Naked Valentine's Day Prank on Girlfriend

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They Call it the "Whopper" Anniversary

Yahoo Answers what to do if you want a $30 date.
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