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Did you get that text? No? Well dive into some of the funniest and punniest texts you will ever see. Whether it's an SMS or a clever note, you'll get plenty of ideas how to make your passive aggressive intentions known, or relate to a terrible mistake. Either way, laughter will be had.

Knowing the Difference Will Save You a Ton of Drama

funny dating tweet the difference between texts
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She Has a Terrible Flaw...

bad jokes funny online dating text - 8346893568
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Making Plans

oral sex period text texting We Are Dating - 5145029888
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Ass Effect 2

dad Father text texting video games We Are Dating - 5284938240
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Ask Her If She's Good at Anatomy...

funny math pickup lines text - 8180528128
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Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich

Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich
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Sometime You Just Want too Much

wtf text funny - 8339749632
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I Like "The Frumpy Vixen" Better

internet murder online dating text texting We Are Dating - 5365315840

But His Mind Is Elsewhere

wrong number wtf text funny dating - 8208889344
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Not Your Boyfraaand Any More

breaking up joke knock knock single text We Are Dating - 5316798976
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Never Ask Them to Spell it Out

text love funny dumped - 8042383104
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Dad Has a Sense of Humor. A Creepy Sense of Humor.

dads creepy text dad humor funny - 7761915904

Worst Sexting Face Ever

text sexting funny dating - 8413479168
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This Marine Recruit Should Have Thought Twice About Asking For Some Love Advice From Another Marine

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funny sexting fail

Bro's Coworker Accidentally Sends Him Sexually Explicit Text and He Needs to Handle This Like a Champ

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My New Favorite Pickup Line

Sometimes you want to be the 1/3
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