Dating Fails


girl gets taken to a date at a funeral

Girl's Text Story About Her Morbid First Date Will Scare You Off From Dating For Good

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A Wet Surprise

kermit the frog wet surprise funny - 8300763648
Via Zay Ford

What Were You Expecting?

surprise - 6854255104
By Unknown

World's Most Promisng But Ultimately Disappointing Theme Park

comic crush dating disappointing first date forever alone friend zone g rated surprise theme park - 5706807040
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surprise Video - 82301441

Don't Try This Method of Eating Cereal at Home, It's Definitely a Choking Hazard

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Step One...

present gift surprise funny - 7534406400
By Unknown
surprise funny Valentines day - 58498561

What a Surprise

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banana surprise condoms grocery store - 6763506176
By Unknown
kitten proposal surprise Video - 323335

2-Fur-1: Lucky Woman Adopts a Kitten and Gains a Fiancé at the Same Time

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dating girlfriend surprise romance trolling relationships - 935173

This Dude Went That Extra Mile to Troll His Girlfriend in the Most Romantic Way Possible

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Engage ALL The Couples!

engagement engagement ring surprise - 5804588288
By xyzpdq1
dancing justin bieber marriage surprise - 32113409

What Wedding Present Could Be Better Than J-Beebz?

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You Shouldn't Have!

Aliens gift surprise dating - 8801639424
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men surprise engagement funny dating - 8273831424
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It's the Thought That Counts?

socially awkward awesome penguin TMI surprise bathroom funny - 7472234496
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Men, Take Notes

wisdom surprise advice success kid funny g rated dating - 7879920640
By Unknown
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