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Friend Zone Feels

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Spider-Man's Two Girlfriends

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What a Time to Be Alive

superhero prom photo with dates
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6 of the Best Superhero Relationships

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Superhero Sex Moves

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batman iron man superheroes Video wedding dating g rated - 56727553

Iron Man and Batman Make for the Worst Wedding Crashers in This Video

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Just When You Thought He Was Your Superman

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Men Try and Fail To Trick Their Girlfriends and Wives With the Romantic Deadpool Poster

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Tinder Practically Swipes Humanity 'Right' off the Face of the Earth in the First Trailer for Tinder: The Superhero Movie

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It Must Be Love

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The Green Lantern is Gay, Ryan Reynolds Assures People That He is Not

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Superman Would Be a Horrible Husband

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Super Friend-Zoned

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We Didn't Really Hear Much About Her in the Movies

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Not The Same Thing

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I Think You're in the Minority Here

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