13 People Divulge Strange and Crazy Chance Encounters That Ended Up Leading to Sex

Sex has a profound ability to cloud our judgment in a haze of something vaguely similar to terribly horny, blue-balled, sexually-frustrated teenage hormones, embrace our baser instincts, and enact with getting out there to do some ill-conceived 'things': things like blowing through budgets at bars like we're working through a bottomless bag of gold coins (and not subjecting ourselves to living off Top Ramen till next paycheck), surrounded by strangers, and just hoping we bump into that one chick that could be the one--that'll engage in conversation, at least. Or, enlisting ourselves for notoriously ridiculous dating apps like Tinder or Bumble that often times gives way to unforgettable crazy-coated conversations. And then, well, the opportunity for sex between consenting adults can just pop up in brilliant, unplanned fashion because you were there at the right time. These 13 people were lucky enough to fit the bill, get laid, not fail to round home base, etc, in one way or another.

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