Dating Fails


Craigslist Ad Sounds Straight Out of a Romantic Comedy Movie Script

Screen grab of a very honest dating post on Craigslist that might be TOO honest.
Created by AllieCat2013

They Were SO CLOSE!

blind date funny Star Trek standards - 8234366976
Via Virus Comix

That Special Something

comic forever alone funny standards - 7894556928
Via Everyday Blues

With a Chance of Crey Showers

alcohol bad decisions standards vintage We Are Dating weather - 5443480320
Created by xyzpdq1

Standards Standards Standards

comic fat rage comic standards tall We Are Dating weight - 5051081472
Created by Unknown

You Eventually Lose All Standards

comics standards online dating funny - 8285940480
Via Tabber87

Office Romance: Lowering Your Standards Since Forever

office romance standards - 6853865984
Created by Unknown

Remember Kids, Standards Are Important!

funny spelling standards - 7922325504
Created by Unknown

There is Something Wrong With Our Standards When This is a Plus Sized Model

facebook wtf standards women - 7978902784
Created by Unknown

And There Go the Standards

standards - 6565439232
Via Connie Wonnie

The Matching Spectrum

Hall of Fame standards - 5807724288
Created by Unknown

Working Backwards

body image Hall of Fame hey ladies hot ladies standards - 5747408384
Created by Unknown

And it Comes Full Circle

men comics standards women - 7018067712
Created by savannamia

I'll Break That Limit, WINK WINK

fanfic nerdgasm standards texting - 7990675712
Created by ArtemisStrife

Aren't Standards the Best?

coffee standards - 6639140608
Created by Unknown

I Just Can't Bring Myself to Love Anyone Who Watches Two and Half Men

attractive ecard judgment standards television We Are Dating - 5252674304
Created by Unknown
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