Dating Fails


It's the Battle You Can Never Win

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By Unknown

The Perfect Scumbag Dating Apps

App douchebag stalker - 5622574848
Via Cracked

This is the Opposite of a Good Boyfriend

boyfriend funny stalker dating - 7895289600
By loolzlisa (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I Was Hunting for a Different Pussy

cat creeper Hall of Fame peeping tom sign stalker - 5134318336
By Unknown

Trust Me, You're Creepy

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Via Music for the Deaf

That's What All the Stalkers Say, Too

clingy creepy obsessed stalker We Are Dating - 5421693440
By jasminflower69

I Follow You Home Because I Care

card semantics stalker Valentines day - 5802391296
By Unknown

Girl Wat R U Doin?

stalker oag creeper stahp overly attached girlfriend dating - 6813109760
By Unknown

Just Thought I'd Break In. I Mean Drop In.

bar pickup stalker window - 5702655232
By Unknown

Valentines From The Guy Who Watches You Sleep

creeper dating fails stalker Valentines day - 5808137728
By Unknown

The Stalker-Unsuspecting Victim Relationship Is Going Very Well So Far

creeper ecard Hall of Fame relationship stalker - 5335843328

Don't You Remember Me?!

stalker forever creepy - 6870377472
Via Doodle Time

I Observe Your Daily Routine Like the Catholics Observe Feast Days

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By Unknown

The OAG Card

creepy oag stalker - 6567698432
By Unknown

Together Forever

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By Unknown

Language of Love

stalker creeper dating - 7074891520
By eCyooo
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