Dating Fails


Hockey Will Never Leave You

forever alone hockey sports Kiss Cam - 8169722368
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The High Tribunal of Naughty Bits Begins its First Joint Session

men vs women pr0n sports dating - 7960716288
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sports cringe Awkward Kiss Cam dating - 76922881

Is There Anything More Awkward Than Watching People Get Pressured by a Kiss Cam?

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You Better Hope They're Not Watching

sports - 6416729088
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Bros Should Stop Asking Girls To Prove They're Sports Fans, Especially If They Can't Handle the High Heat

funny dating tweet guy asks girl to prove shes an MLB fan and she crushes him
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I Don't Think That Trophy Means What You Think it Means...

sports golf trophy funny - 7548594432
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That Awkward Moment of the Day: Kiss Cam Breakup

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The Ol' Switcheroo!

sports bad idea funny - 8068552704
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sports pizza Video win - 212487

That Moment the Kiss Cam Catches True Love

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sports wtf - 64209409

Sports Date

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Wanna Show Me Your Red Card?

comic pick-up lines rage comic sports We Are Dating - 5140612608
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Too Much Kissing to Go Around

camera funny kissing sports dating - 8267251712
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Forever Alone at the Baseball Field

sports baseball funny - 7511202304
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That Isn't a Record You Want to Set

sports accidental sexy funny - 7736816384
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This Magic Moment...

gif sports funny g rated dating - 7856799232
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Husband Saves His Wife From A Foul Ball and Himself From Being in the Dog House if He Hadn't

win gif husband catches foul ball to save wife at baseball game
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