Twitter Thread Proves People Will Bang To Absolutely Anything

In media, people spend a lot of time setting the mood before doing the nasty. Lighting way too many candles. Queuing up some soulful Barry White-esque grooves. Maybe throwing about some rose petals. Most sex-havers, however, know that's not how it actually goes. Sometimes when you "Netflix and Chill" the entertainment is less than sexy. And this Twitter thread from @marisagz is a testament to how little people care about the background when they're ready to get it on. It's an amusing thread, and definitely left us feeling happy that we're not the only people who have had sex to something like Shrek.

Funny twitter thread about the worst things that were on (music or tv) while having sex | Marisa Galvez @masiragz ld what's the worst thing that's been in the background while you've had sex? for me it's ratatouille Sarah @sarahlindish A rabbit shrieking as it was being eaten alive by an owl. Bits were falling on the tent.
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