Do you have Snapchat? Great now you're like the rest of the world. Social media has given us easier and faster access to friends and connections around the world, and whoever came up with the idea of 10 20 second clips that get deleted after viewing, you broke the internet congratulations.


Girl Tells Hilarious Story About Crazy Injury She Suffered Through Sex, Using Snapchat and Memes to Sweet Perfection

This disastrous, sex tale of debauchery walked right off an American Pie movie set. It's absurd, in every sense of the word. No amount of sex education could have prepared these two young lovers for the epic amount of humiliation they'd tee themselves up for. I especially appreciate the girl's decision to recount her struggles with Snapchat and memes, as her writer's tools. Is this not the height of new age social media-driven journalism, or what dawg? Doesn't get much better than this. This is the kind of gripping entertainment that almost made me forget about the unfortunate reality we're still trucking through Monday.

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