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Do you have Snapchat? Great now you're like the rest of the world. Social media has given us easier and faster access to friends and connections around the world, and whoever came up with the idea of 10 20 second clips that get deleted after viewing, you broke the internet congratulations.

white boys texting

Straight White Boys Texting is a Thing of Beauty

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Perfect for Split-Ends and Broken Hearts

forever alone snapchat crey shampoo - 8014103040
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The Snapchat of Ultimate Loneliness

forever alone funny snapchat - 7913541120
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snapchat breakup

Guy Documents Aftermath of His Breakup with Series of Sarcastic Snapchats

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snapchat shakespeare funny Video - 52834049

Sexy Shakespearean Snapchats

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boyfriend snapchat annoying Video dating - 82636801

When Ruining Photos Isn't Enough, Now Your Annoying Boyfriend is Ruining Your Snap Stories

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snapchat no no tubes brain funny Video - 59079169

Don't Send that Snapchat

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Forget About 7 Inch Vinyls

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The New SnapChat Service Is Weird, and Sort of Horrible.

snapchat wtf newd funny money - 8380864768
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funny and punny snapchats with doodles of Mr. T and Snow white

Dude and His Girlfriend Exchange Hilariously Clever Snapchat Puns When They're Bored at Work, and These Are Our Favorites

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A Real Subtle Snapchat

the ladies love your magic rub skills
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And One Side of Your Head

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boyfriend snapchat wtf funny Video - 69922049

Does Your Boyfriend Sleep Talk? Snapchat It!

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You've Been Marked!

snapchat men vs women g rated dating - 8139602944
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We Get It, You Like Doggie Style

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Snapchats following sex and hookups that are full of people regretting their decisions.

10 +Post-Bang Shudderworthy Snapchats That Are Full of Instant Regrets

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