Dating Fails


Damn, That's Swag

Some kids have too much swag
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This Bro Is Smooth

smooth swag funny dating - 8377756928
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This Kid's Got Some Moves

just offer her some chips and go for it
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How You Livin', Girl?

smooth amazing superpowers comics - 6874688000
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funny tinder convo

Guy Seizes Opportunity for Raunchy Joke Mid-Tinder Conversation, Smoothly Pulls off Delightful Pick up Line

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So How About That Second Date?

first date smooth dinner - 6795292416
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Deer in the Headlights

dating masturbating smooth subtle We Are Dating - 5496589312
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Oh Snap... Now That's a Pickup Line

pickup lines smooth wedding funny - 8416968448
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Find Me, Girl, and We Will Freak Nasty 'Till Dawn

craigslist missed connections pimp smooth We Are Dating - 5117959936
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This Guy's Got Skill!

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smooth making out - 6695459072
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The Dude Is Smooth

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Passing Love Notes Has Never Been Smoother

smooth love note funny - 8394896640
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That Guy Is Smooth

pickup lines smooth clever kissing funny - 8415419648
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smooth bad idea funny - 8109467392
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