Dating Fails



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Forever Alone, Eternally Well Rested

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Perchance They Should Rename This Product

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Sacrifices Have to Be Made

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Every Single Night

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Don't Forget to Slam Every Door

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What Your Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship

funny dating comic What Your Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship
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This Girl's Boyfriend Talks In His Sleep and It's Amazing

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I Swear He Exists!

Meme of woman posting about her BAE taking pic of her sleeping, but it is just her taking a selfie.
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Now That's a Great Couple

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Just Roll Over and Go to Sleep

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What Do You Mean "Your" Side?

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Some Very Soft Feelings

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Chart Your Sleeping Habits

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Age-Old Problem Solved

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Zzzzzzzzz-Thoomp! Phthtbbbhtthbt!!!

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