Dating Fails


Subtlety, Thy Name is Kardashian

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I've Gotta Say, He Makes A Strong Case

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The Ketchup to My Mustard

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This Is Actually a Real Thing. You're Welcome, Forever-Alones.

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At Least You Know She's Single

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It's All About the Confidence

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Those Ar Expensive Hairpins

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Christmas Cooking for Singles

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Can't Argue With That

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No Other Option

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Vicious Rage Circle

Meme explaining the vicious cycle of dating, getting bored, and then repeat.

And The Plaid Stands Alone

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18 Tinder Memes & Moments That'll Make You Really Appreciate The Single Life

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Funny memes about people who have bad luck with dating | Friend: girl 's going on with haven't mentioned him recently conclusion got played presentation | Females deciding between our choices men wall graffiti of a woman looking at bags of trash

Bunch Of Bleak Dating Memes For People Who Are Unlucky In Love

Once you get past a certain age, it's rough man.
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Guys share sad and cringe stories about the moments they were ready to divorce their wives.

44 Guys Share the Exact Moments They Decided to Divorce Their Wives

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For All You Single Folks Out There

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