Dating Fails


Can't Argue With That

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Let's Hope You're More Useful Than the White Crayon

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funny relatable relationship memes for couples and for single people | renaissance classical art painting artwork of a man and a woman in period clothes Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other they want eat, until one them dies.

Funny Relationship Memes That Even Single People Will Enjoy

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Spice Up Your Relationship By Living Vicariously Through Your Single Friends' Life as if They Were Dolls

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He Never Stood a Chance

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Need to Find a Date in the Great Beyond?

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This Is Actually a Real Thing. You're Welcome, Forever-Alones.

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Best Reason to Be Single

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The Last Resort

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Almost All Things Are Great

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Points of View

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But Please, Don't Disturb or Feed Them

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Jesus Will Carry a Man to Me Soon

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I'd Tap That

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Swatting Flies

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