Dating Fails


Let's get some shoes. Shoes are what separates us from a banana. That and a few genetic twists. Shoes have become a global sensation for young and old collectors alike. If you're all about that footwear and everything that has to do with it, fantastic. But not flip flops or sandals, get out of here with that nonsense.

James Bond Sure Does Have a Way With the Ladies

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You Just Don't GET It Do You?

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Lions Actually Really Like Shoes

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You Can't Upholster the Truth

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OK So Size Matters a Little

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That or She Doesn't Want to Get Glass in Her Feet. Either Way.

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Give Your Bae Some Proposal Kicks

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You Can't Trust Anyone

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Gold Star Idea

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Size Seven Scandal

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Take One Shoe Out of the Equation and It's Girly-Girl Chaos All Over

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They're Subtle But Important Differences

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What An Eiffel Mistake

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Living With Your Girlfriend

She clearly doesn't have enough room in the closent.
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Yup Just Me

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