Dating Fails


That's Like, at Least 10 Burgers

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By Unknown

I Know, Right?

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By anselmbe

Please Form an Orderly Line, Ladies

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By Unknown

If You're Wearing This Shirt, I'm Out

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By Unknown

We'll Believe You

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Via Reddit

Don't Mind Me, Just Crying Over a Gift Receipt

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By Unknown

Either Way, No Romulans Please

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By Unknown

Dating Dispatches: Your Stanky Shirts Could Get You A Date

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Via The Daily

Way to Wallow in it, Kid

forever alone emo shirt funny - 7534986240
By Unknown

Someone is Going to Figure This Shirt Out Sooner Rather Than Later

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Via Uproxx

If That's What You Want

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By xyzpdq1

Ah, the Old Love/Hate

creepy text shirt funny - 7353938688
By Keezer06

Excuse Me, Look at My Pancreas, Not My Breasts!

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Via Laughing Squid

Is it That Season Already?

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By Unknown

We'll Concede That

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By Unknown

How to Ensure That No Girl Wants to Be Seen With You

fat shirt We Are Dating - 5443692800
By Unknown
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