Dating Fails


You Never Know When IT is Going to Get Sexy

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Ladies Choice

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Dude Problems: Shaving Woes

gif dude parts shaving funny men vs women - 7728047360

I Hate Turning into an Infant Right Before a Night on the Town

dude problems shaving funny men vs women - 7842001408

Men Are So Weird

men beaver shaving funny - 8291085824
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Help, I'm Trapped in my Significant Other's Body

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DAYUM Sasquatch

shaving funny - 8113434112
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Hope You Brought Your Machete

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Shaving Woes

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Another Man-Problem

dude problems shaving comic funny men vs women - 7604333824
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For Poison Ivy, It's a Bit of a Jungle Down There

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This is Why Dudes Don't Shave

dude problems shaving funny men vs women g rated dating - 7823044608

Just Let the Man Be!

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The Shaving Must Take Forever

shaving when your boyfriend comes into town
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