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sexy times

Hopa! It's sexy times. Time to spice it up and get fiery and naughty. Don't let that passion get snuffed out and make sure you look at these hilarious jokes and puns all to do with whoopie.

It Accommodates for a Busy Lifestyle

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Don't Worry About How Much You're Packin'

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Moms Guess What Pørn Terms Mean

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Baby, Tonight We're Gonna Get Prehistoric

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The Only Way to Celebrate

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We're Paying for a Show Here, People!

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Sexting Can Get Out Of Hand Sometimes

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Quick to the Bae-Mobile

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And Here I Was Thinking Cookies and Hugs

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They'd Probably Be Into That

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File Under: Things That Never Happen

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True Gentleman Send a Thank You Gift

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Get Creative, AND Nasty

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What People Think When Going Down

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Sometimes Ladies Can be Too Forward

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