Dating Fails

sex toys

sex toys old people Video NSFW - 74614785

Old People Unboxing Sex Toys For the First Time is Part Confusion, Part Sass

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We're Calling It: The Sperm Extractor

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What a Time, Indeed

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Via Mango People
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Every Wonder Who Is Buying What Sex Toys?

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That Last One Just Curls Your Toes

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Via M3rph

This Sex Toy Was Going for $2,500,000.00 on Ebay!!!

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Via Ebay

Best Anniversary Ever

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Created by LeSparta
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7 Wonderfully Weird Sex Toys

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The Vajankle: Proof That You Can Bring Absolutely Any Product to Market

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Via Sin Boutique

Double Standard

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Via sluttydilf

It Accommodates for a Busy Lifestyle

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Via Uproxx
FAIL Awkward sex toys dating - 1878277

Dude Fails Terribly, Learns the Hard Way Sex Toys Are Definitely Better Not Left Out

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Alright Who Ruined Everyone's Fun?

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Created by Unknown

Something for Your Partner to Remember You By

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Via Rockman21
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Someone Put the D in DIY and Everyone Will Want to Put in Their Mouth

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Somethings Were Just Made to Find the Rhythm

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