Dating Fails

sex toys

Are These Three Things Often Bought Together?

sexy toys and diamond rings
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The Vajankle: Proof That You Can Bring Absolutely Any Product to Market

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Something for Your Partner to Remember You By

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Do the Monster Mash

dildont sex toys We Are Dating NSFW - 5230165760
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Every Wonder Who Is Buying What Sex Toys?

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Only Slightly Used

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After Leaving Something in a Lyft, This Girl Takes an Opportunity to Help Herself Out

funny dating image woman leaves sex toy in lyft and ends up hitting on driver
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I'd Ride That Broomstick

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Sex toy shop employees share stories of their most ridiculous customer encounters.

37 Former/Current Sex Toy Shop Employees Share Their Best Customer Stories

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Lets Hope She Has Thin Wrists

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That Last One Just Curls Your Toes

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Amazon Needs to Reevaluate There Categories

what is this glove even for?
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I Guess That's a Dealbreaker

dealbreaker icy hot sex toys NSFW - 6320961792

It Accommodates for a Busy Lifestyle

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What a Time, Indeed

vibrator sex toys funny NSFW - 8407978240
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Women's Real Best Friend

cucumber sex toys vibrator NSFW - 6013327872
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