Dating Fails

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This is Why We Need Sex Ed in All Schools

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Pregnancy Scares Are Educational!

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Accidents Happen

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Don't Listen to Your Pants

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Learning to Use Condoms in Sex Ed Is Tricky

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People Share the Most Cringe-Worthy and Hilarious Questions That Were Asked During Their Sex-Ed Classes

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Hurried Phone Call, Frantic Cries of "Ewww, Gross, Why Did You Do That"

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An Education in Sex

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It's Called "Eating Tacos"

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At Least You Didn't End Up Like Lohan

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Who Needs Sex-Ed Anyway?

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Mind Blown

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Questions From 9th Graders That Will Make You Relive the Most Awkward Time In Your Life

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Listen to Your Lower Half

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OK We Need to Have a Talk About Everything

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15 People Share the Most Impressively Cringe-Coated, Clueless Questions Asked in Their Sex Ed Classes

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