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Does My Science Turn You On?

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Dating Dispatches: Scientists(?) Find Best Day, Time, Temperature, And Weather For Sexy Times

dating dispatches information rain science sexy times true facts - 5618872832
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The Periodic Table of... Well... Your Period

science periodic table lady problems - 7938075904
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Sexytime Science: As a Man, It Just Doesn't Seem Fair

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Sweet Chemistry

i love you science Chemistry - 6768610304
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He's Ready to Reload like an Atom Bomb about to Explode

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Do Periods Really Make Women Moody?

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Greatest Scientific Discovery

Sexy Ladies science sexy times funny - 8386276864
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bill nye science sexy times Video - 70710529

Bill Nye Gives Us the Down and Dirty About Why We Get Down and Dirty

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That's Just Science

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Love, It's a Chemical

awesome love science Chemistry funny dating g rated - 8244480256
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Be Glad You're Not an Animal in the Sheets

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Body Language Explained

science emotions - 6684367872
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For Science!

comic science funny - 7601574400
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Fun Fact science ladies Video - 63062273

Strange Facts About Ladies

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You Can Collide My Particles

science sexual innuendo - 6547391744
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