Dating Fails


For Science!

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A Sexy Night of Chemistry

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Oh Yeah Science, Right There

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F-Yeah Science!

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Not an Issue, Girls Don't Poop At All

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Bill Nye Gives Us the Down and Dirty About Why We Get Down and Dirty

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Is Human Dancing an Elaborate Mating Call?

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What Can't Science Do?

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A True Miracle of Science

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That's Just Science

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It's Also Way More Fun with a Partner

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Surely Some Biologist is Having a Laugh at This

probably fake what science funny dating - 7677884416
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Anyone Else Get Turned on From Bill Nye?

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This Prosthetic Foot is Mobilized to Mimic Natural Walking

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Do it For Science

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Dating Dispatches: Scientists(?) Find Best Day, Time, Temperature, And Weather For Sexy Times

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