Dating Fails


Does It Have A Gift Receipt?

gift sandwich texting - 5622473216
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Learn To Cook Yourself, Already

feminism kitchen sandwich stereotypes - 5568509184
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I Would Do Anything for Pastrami, But I Won't Do That

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The Extra-Marital Kind or the Boring Kind?

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Lions Also Have a Pride of Five or Six Females, So....

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The Real Problem in Same-Sex Realtionships

The Real Problem in Same-Sex Realtionships
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I Wouldn't Eat That...

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Basic Math

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Sometimes, I Want Tit for Tat

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So I Got on His Back, in the Kitchen

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You Know It's True

Hall of Fame kitchen sandwich sexist single women - 5408047104

You Get What You Ask For

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Just Make the Sandwich

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Not Even a Hand Sandwich?

herb wants a sandwich from wife in kitchen
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