Dating Fails


twitter rant about cheating

Woman Live-Tweets Heroic Delivery Guy Revealing Cheating Boyfriend To Her

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This is Where All of Your Friends Went Last Night

accidental sexy restaurant sign your mom - 7992613632
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Forever Anxious

forever alone restaurant We Are Dating - 5273716224
By Unknown

I Feel Even Sorrier for the Guys

engagement restaurant trolling Valentines day We Are Dating - 5130711296

Finally, a Place to Take Your Significant Other for Dinner!

sign date restaurant funny g rated dating - 7472231168
By Unknown

Wait. What Sort of Skins?

menu restaurant no no tubes - 8337143808
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single restaurant dinner Video dating - 73915649

At This Korean Restaurant for Singles Your Dining Experience Won't Be Lonely

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The Fast Food Table for That Awkward Peron in Your Life

forever alone restaurant third wheel funny fast food - 7900272384
By Unknown

Looks Like No One Had a Good Time

funny dating image Looks Like No One Had a Good Time
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The Perfect Place for a Very Understanding Date

sign date restaurant funny - 7767987200
By Unknown
decisions funny musical restaurant Video dating - 58371841

Restaurant Decisions: The Musical

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Such Privilege.

restaurant dinner story - 8070620160
By Unknown
waitress asks a man an awkward question during a date

Guy Rants At Waitress For Calling Him Out On Cheap Tip During His Date

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The Most Depressing Thanksgiving Meal Ever

fast food forever alone restaurant soda wall We Are Dating - 5467712000
By Unknown

Funny, Don't Remember Visiting the UK Lately...

accidental sexy restaurant sign - 7970360576
By Unknown

I'd Like to Get That Meat Back In You, Knowwutimean

Screen-grab of an ad on Craigslist of a person looking for someone they say hurling meat out of their mouth in a waffle house.
By MidAbsentia
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