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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

Right in the Feminism

relationships feminism dating boats - 8797542144
Via humor
scared relationships prank rude Video dating - 76572417

Watch This Girl Scare Her Girlfriend for an Entire Year

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people share their worst date stories

17 People Share The Absolute Weirdest Dates They've Been On

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cringe text conversation

Emotionally Manipulative Dirtbag Explodes In Texting Rant Out Of Nowhere

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This Is Crumby

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Friendzone Explained

friends relationships flow chart dating g rated - 6968670464
Created by RealMenDontFriendzone

And You Wonder Why You're Alone

relationships alone - 7146551296
Created by Unknown
25 pictures and memes about relationships that are bound to hit too close to home.

25 Pics And Memes About Relationships That Might Make You Feel Very Lonely

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Healthy Adult Relationship

yik yak, relationships, sex, envelope, dollar
Via Pricklylegs

Now That's an Excellent Relationship

the office relationships pranks funny - 8414924032
Via Loveway Kid

Women Want Men That Respect Them

men relationships brain funny women halloween zombie dating - 8348948992
Via Jim Benton

Relationship Requirements

relationships dating - 8138590464
Via kaname-madoka
depressing bad ideas bad date relationships funny dating - 366853

7 Signs You Shouldn't Be Together

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And Some Whine to Wash It All Down

relationships dinner dating - 8816923392
Via @chopstckss

Apparently They Want To Get Dumped

Via fuziphoo
Unbelievable tinder moments

26 Ridiculous Moments From the Wonderful World of Tinder

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