Dating Fails

Rage Comics

Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

american psycho beejay Patrick Bateman Rage Comics reality vs expectations - 5622190080
Created by Unknown

Hell Yea Birthday Sex

Rage Comics - 5976021760
Created by Unknown

Where Else Would You Be Going?

funny Rage Comics g rated dating - 8120589056
Via Domics

I May Have Spoken Too Soon...

Rage Comics sexytimes - 6128225024
Created by Unknown

Dog-Zoned: The Next Level of Forever Alone

friendzoned Rage Comics - 5902429952
Created by Unknown

With the Power to Reverse Gender Stereotypes!

make me a sandwich Rage Comics - 5935976448
Created by Loserificus


confused Rage Comics what do you want - 6563500032
Created by Unknown

Shy Girl Problems

expectations Rage Comics reality - 6039631360
Created by regarner

I Bet You Didn't Even Read the Terms and Conditions

marriage Rage Comics - 6320414464
Created by Unknown


friendzone Rage Comics - 7148205312
Created by Unknown

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

pregnancy condoms Rage Comics - 6881214976
Created by Unknown

Le OMG This is So Le Sad!

fighting Rage Comics - 6331415296
Created by Unknown

Come Over Here. No, Wait, Poor Choice of Words...

Rage Comics sexytimes - 6044183808
Created by Unknown

Well That Was Totally and Completely Worth It

brother Rage Comics - 6324773120
Created by Unknown

This Date Got Awkward

first date Awkward Cats funny Rage Comics - 8116424448
Via See Mike Draw

File Under "Terrible Ways to Make a First Impression"

bad jokes Rage Comics - 5976561920
Created by chuffberry
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