Dating Fails


Just Another Day with My Giraffe Sheep and I

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Created by RobertHyatt ( Via Robert James Hyatt )

Don't Forget the In N' Out!

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Created by Alexwin

Baby, Tonight We're Gonna Get Prehistoric

homer pun sexy times the simpsons We Are Dating - 5522796544
Created by Unknown

Hot Doggie Style

comic dating g rated hot dog pun - 5651192576
Created by Unknown

Good Job!

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Created by Unknown

The Things Your Girlfriend Puts Up With...

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Via Reddit

I Can't Imagine What Else It Would Be

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Created by Unknown

In College But Still as Emotionally Mature as a Twelve-Year-Old

college dirty mind pun school textbook We Are Dating - 5259215104

I Get a Saxophoner Over the Weirdest Things

facebook gay homosexual lesbian pun puns saxophone sexuality status We Are Dating - 5485388544
Created by Unknown

Well That's a Load Off of My Mind

chicken egg ejaculation pun sex sign We Are Dating - 5286312704
Created by Unknown

Why buy a cow when milk is so cheap? Well, why buy a pig for 4 1/2 inches of sausage?

cow pun wedding - 6556540160
See all captions Created by LaurelPlane
FAIL pun trolling conversation video games dating - 1770245

Guy Gets Dumped By GF On Group Chat, Proceeds to Get Relentlessly Barraged By Hilarious Video Game Puns

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I Find My Lack of Dates Disturbing

darth vader forever alone meme pun star wars We Are Dating - 5419156736
Created by Unknown

That's A Handy Nickname

facebook fapping handsome handy pun threesome - 5689127424
Created by Unknown

I Pee What You Did There

peeing pun sexy times tumblr whoops - 5574277120
Created by Unknown

Uranus Wants to Invite More People In

anal pun uranus We Are Dating - 5233359104
Created by Unknown
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