Dating Fails


No you didn't make a misspelling, don't try to deny it. You're here for pr0n ya filthy animal. You'll find all that and more, to satisfy your deepest carnal desires, except the real thing, you have pages bookmarked for that.

What Could He Possibly Be Reading...

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Recruits on the Line of Duty Say Goodbye to Their Favorite Stash

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Some Go to Great Lengths to Hide the Truth

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The Barter System is Alive and Well in Texas

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Don't Worry J-Biebs, Help is On the Way

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Take it From Here, She's an Expert

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Those Movies Don't Tend to Make it to the Big Screen

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Watch This Dude Get Uncomfortable Trying Out VR Porn for the First Time

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Not the Wizard of Oz...

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That Explains That

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BUSTED. Well. Kind Of.

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Sound Artists And Pr0n

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So THAT'S What They Look Like

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That's So Deeply Sweet

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"Sara" Knows Where All the Good Times Are at

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Now That's Romance

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