Dating Fails


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Would You Let a Dude With a Man Bun Pick You Up Using Donald Trump Quotes?

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Donald Trump Jr's getting roasted on Twitter for his stupid Valentine's Day tweet.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Getting Trolled For His Cringe Valentine's Day Tweet

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When a Pro-Life Group Asked James Woods to Help Stop Abortions, He Sent Back a Pile of Condoms

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Alabama Governor Facing Impeachment After His Wife Discovers Super Cringe Sexts He Sent to His Colleague

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Dating Isn't Easy for Donald Trump Supporters, Luckily There's a Site for That

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Overly Attached Michelle Obama is Not a Fan of the Danish Prime Minister

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Yeah Todd, I Don't Think That's How It Works

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Santorum Supporter Says Women Should Quit Whining And Use Aspirin As Contraception

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Troll Clinton Wants to Tell His Joke Now

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Site Specifically Tailored for Single Trump Supporters Wants to Make Dating Great Again

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I'd Unilaterally Occupy That Territory!

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Funny web comics featuring candy hearts, dark humor, tommy siegel, relationships, dating, love, marriage. | HALF- LISTENING AND PLANNING WILL SAY ABOUT IS TALK ABOUT MYSELF TIME MYSELF loay | IM DRUNBK BORED

These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

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Headline FAIL

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She Should Run For Office

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Read How a Third-Grader Thinks Nexflix and Chill Will Dissuade People From Voting For Donald Trump

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Some Very Thirsty People Are Using Donald Trump as a Wingman after the Election Results

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