Dating Fails


Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

Does Your Boyfriend Have a Problem

boyfriend farting makes police show up
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Don't Ask, But Feel Free to Speculate!

domestic violence wedding police - 5000637184
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Oh, Well In That Case

cheating going down police sex and the city - 5659425536
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We're in Hot Pursuit, People

lady bits gross what police - 7548587520
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British Police Declare "Hitting on Women" As Being a Hate Crime

flirting crime dating police - 8820690176
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Cheating FAIL

cheating news police We Are Dating - 5368361216

If They Fine You, It's Almost Like Prostitution

gay homosexual lonely police We Are Dating - 5492264448

Emotionally F--k The Police

cold emotions facebook police status update We Are Dating - 5509055232
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Carrying a Gun Is Similar to Sex

sometimes you prematurely fire
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proposal police - 84129537

Proposal of the Day: Biker Stages Scene of Police Brutality To Make the Most Disturbing Proposal Video of the Year

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Now She Occupies His Heart

arrested hospital news police We Are Dating - 5361001472

Why You Should Never Tell Your Wife to Shut Up

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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Tribute

comic funny police puns jennifer lawrence dating g rated - 7926349568
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