Dating Fails


A Pokémon Battle Would Be a Great Date

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13 Cards to Help You Awkwardly Express Your Strange Brand of Love

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Don't Try to Catch a Girl Like This

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Plan B! It's Super Effective!

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Poor Metapod

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Hitting on Strangers

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Breaking the Ice is Easy, It's the Catch That's the Most Difficult

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Sometimes Bad News is Actually Good News

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Oh Crap, This Post is Making My Allergies Act Up...

Pokémon feels crey - 8019153920
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Your Local Poké Mart Just Got Some in Stock

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Keep Your Pokeballs Clean

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How Would They Even...?

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That's How You Catch a Partner

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Pokémon pumpkins halloween win dating - 1076997

Guy's Girlfriend Helped His Mom Turn a Pumpkin into Koffing for a Work Competition, and This Absolutely Deserves First Prize

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Don't Catch Them All!

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Playing Hard to Catch

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