Dating Fails


Use These Emoji Flirts With Your SO and See How Quickly You Get Dumped

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By Unknown

How Stuffy Adults Think Kids Break Up in the Texting Age

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They Love Smiley Faces, Dude

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Really That's Just an Amazing Feat of Dexterity

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That Should Ward Off All of the Junk Pics

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Friendzone Level Siri

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Let the Breakup Games Begin!

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All the Girls at the Party be Like "..."

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The Wife Demands an Explanation

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Sexting is Dangerous, Kids!

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The Buzz of Someone Caring

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By Lucky810

On the Bright Side, Twitter Looks Great Tonight!

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Stay classy, MTV

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By anotsusagami

Run While You Still Can!

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Save the Probes for the Second Date

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