Dating Fails


And Then You Asked / "Who's Emily?" / And I Replied / No One

door graffiti phone poem We Are Dating - 5098576128
conan phone hacked - 44270849

Sarah Silverman Presents the Greatest iPhone Trick in the World

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beer phone Party funny Video dating - 71204097

Sorry, I Really Gotta Take This

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You Understand Me, Autocorrect

forever alone autocorrect text phone funny - 7519014400
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The Ease of Love on the Internet

phone apps online dating funny - 8095033088
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guy asks for escorting services from strange man

Dude's Wife Gets Another Random Call from Some Thirsty Stranger Looking for an Escort, and He Steps in with Hilarious Response

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You Hit All the Right Buttons

phone sexy times funny - 8180513024
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And That's Why You Should Always Keep Your Phone On Silent

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Well That's an Odd Group of Searches

sexy times funny search phone - 8268944384
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phone parents dating - 86277

This Masterful Troll Would Give Your Parents a Heart Attack

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phone wedding funny Video g rated dating - 55416833

Your Special Day is Less Special Than These Push Notifications

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If Every Moment is So Precious, Why Can't We Just Enjoy Our Dinner?

web comics death If Every Moment is So Precious, Why Can't We Just Enjoy Our Dinner?
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Well, That's a Bit Unsettling

bad idea creepy funny phone text - 8168655104
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It's Time to Give Up Online Dating

facepalm phone moms online dating - 7963966720
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A True Playa's Phone

funny phone wtf - 8330286848
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What are You Trying to Imply Here?

phone girlfriend facebook son dating fails - 6813316352
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