Dating Fails


Check Out That Paw

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What if Your Dog Tried the Online Dating Scene?

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I'll Stuff Our Friendship and Put It on the Mantle

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No, Don't Do This

your valentine doesn't deserve crabs
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Your Girlfriend is Worse Than Your Pet

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Anybody Looking for a Free Pet?

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The Only Acceptable Way to Make a Pass

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You Know Who to Bring During the Apocalypse

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A Warning to Potential Spinsters

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Wrap it Up, Sparky

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Puppies Are Not the Chick Magnets We Expect Them to Be

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I Woof!

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tweets about pets

Couples Are Tweeting The Stupid Things They Fight About When It Comes To Their Pet

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Maybe I Should Buy a Parakeet...

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The Fine Art of Sharing a Bed With a Dog

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It's All in the Basset Hound Eyes

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