Dating Fails


Desperate for Tampons

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By Rosemary

Thanks, Period!

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By Unknown

Qualified for Bio Waste Removal

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Via Humerus

Ceeeeeeelebrate Good Times, Come On!

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By Unknown

And You Never Find Out Until It's Too Late

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By Unknown

Better Wear a Napkin 'Round Your Neck

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By Unknown
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Men Are Given a Menstrual Cup and Try To Guess What It Is

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That'll Definitely Make Her Feel Better!

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By Unknown

Making Plans

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By Arby

I'll Have My Meat Medium Rare

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By Unknown

Cleaning the Beard

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By _____________

Lichtenstein Knew it Best

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By Unknown

That Sounds Horrific

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By Unknown

And Don't Blame All That Blood on Your Period, Either. Some of That's From My Arm, Too

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By Unknown

Blood Leaves a Scent for Sharks to Follow

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By G12G (Via

Forget I Asked

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By Unknown
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