Dating Fails

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Grandpa Goes on Tinder Dates

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Geriatric Valentine's Day Cards

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Old People Unboxing Sex Toys For the First Time is Part Confusion, Part Sass

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After 57 Years of Marriage, This Couple Got a 'The Notebook' Inspired Photoshoot and It's Realer Than the Tears Already Welling-Up in Your Eyes

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There's No Better Way to Go Out

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Dating Dispatches: World's Oldest Strumpet

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Back in My Day

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Who's Ready For Valentine's Day?

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98 Year Old Couple Recreates Their Wedding Photos for Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

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Click to Find Out How Many Fu*ks Are Left to Give

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The Old Ball and Chain

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New Relationship Goals

old husband in a rascal pulling his wife in a wheelchair.
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Relationship Level > 9000

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The Couple That Rides Together, Dies Together

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Form an Orderly Queue, Ladies

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